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F1 racing: Challenges repeated after the opening race (Part 2)

Facing the current situation, the advantage was in favor of teammate Bottas. If the driver of the world championship six times wants to conquer more victories, he needs to put more effort and focus due to the limited number of races this season.

The racing team needs to fix the problem that occurred in the first race

The young driver Norris competed quite successfully for McLaren in the first race, he won 3rd place in the qualifying lap, won 3rd place on Podium after finishing 4th, just inferior to Hamilton 4.8s.

In this second race, with the achievements as well as the performance on the track of McLaren cars, hopefully, they will have the success of the first race.

Vettel in an interview before the second race revolved around future issues in the 2021 season, claiming he had contacted Renault and Red Bull for a new season position. However, Renault eventually chose Alonso, a two-time world champion, and has not participated in F1 races in recent seasons.

Alonso’s return in the 2021 season also created excitement for fans and the media. On the Red Bull side, their current mainstay steering wheel, Verstappen, said there was no reason not to stick with Albon.

Alonso will return to F1 in the Renault color scheme of the 2021 season

Drivers will still not be able to choose tires in the Red Bull Ring race, Pirelli will provide them with 2 sets of Hard tires (white border), 3 sets of Medium tires (yellow) and 8 sets of Soft tires (red).

Mercedes will still be the first choice. Verstappen with the incident on the car to give up in the first race and with his personality hope he will return to more intense competition.

F1 racing

F1 racing: Challenges repeated after the opening race (Part 1)

The second race of the 2020 season officially takes place at the Red Bull Ring race in Spielberg Austria. This is also the venue of the opening race last weekend with the first victory for the driver Bottas of Mercedes.

Bottas was the first winner after the races in the Formula 1 race system restarted after months of suspension, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Bottas got their first victory in the opening race

In this second race, the teams will still compete on the Red Bull Ring race like in the first race, which partly helps them to have better settings on their cars.

They have gained a lot of experience in the opening race. The team that wins will need to continue to maintain their performance and the losing team will have a lot of data to upgrade the car in the optimal state.

In fact, during the official race last weekend, too many technical problems have occurred for many teams. Despite being the winner, the problem of gearbox also affected significantly to both cars of Bottas and Hamilton.

Mercedes engineers warned both of their drivers during the second half of the race not to run too close to the curb to avoid the rather high speed humps of the Red Bull Ring that could shock the transmission.

There were 7 riders who could not finish the first race when they had to give up in turn with many technical problems on their cars. The rather high temperature on this track is also a significant influence on the operation of the vehicles in the first official launch.

Due to strict regulations on medical issues at the present time, racing teams do not have to move to another location and it is also a beneficial factor when they have more time to overcome the problems. breakdown on the cars for the 2nd race.

Hamilton, though, finished 2nd in the first race, however, due to a foul during a dispute with Albon Red Bull’s young driver Albon he was fined plus 5 seconds in achievement and had to rank 4th, after 2 riders by Ferrari and McLaren.