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Hamilton also equalized the legendary Michael Schumacher’s record 91 races

On the day Nadal makes a miracle at Roland Garros, the world’s leading F1 driver Lewis Hamilton also has his own joy. The British star overcame many difficulties (second starting only, due to not winning the pole in the qualifying race) to finish No. 1 at the Eifel Grand Prix (Germany).

Hamilton’s victory was multiplied by that time it was the 91st run of his career. This achievement helps the 6-time world champion to balance the previous record set by legendary Michael Schumacher.

In terms of individual achievements, this is clearly a record that will be difficult to break in the future. After the legendary Schumacher, Hamilton is considered a worthy successor when he continuously shows his class at a very different level than the rest of the F1 world racing village .

Next time, Hamilton has 6 more races to be able to surpass Schumacher, thereby creating the history of F1 racing. It is not too much to say that Lewis Hamilton inscribed his name in the temple of the F1 legends. When Schumacher won his 7th and last title in 2004, neither Hamilton nor his rival Sebastian Vettel (four times), had yet to debut F1.

Very few people think of Schumacher’s record being broken, but, Hamilton has gradually created a unique position over the years to approach the achievement of the man. The star born in 1985 is approaching the 7th championship and at that time, perhaps many people call Hamilton a true sports “legend”.

Lewis Hamilton is the richest sports athlete in the UK

6-time world champion F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has been ranked as the richest sports athlete in the UK with a fortune of up to £ 224 million.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic causing great damage to the global economy, Sun Sports magazine recently announced a list of the richest sports stars in the UK.

Hamilton is richest athlete in the UK with 224 million pounds

Accordingly, each F1 driver championship 6 times world Lewis Hamilton became the winner with a mass of up to 224 million asset table. With the successes on the Formula 1 track, plus the huge remuneration of the Mercedes team (contract 40 million pounds/year), Hamilton is truly one of the most successful racers in history.

In second place, Rory McIlroy is a sports star with a net worth of up to 170 million pounds. The British golfer has just returned to number one golfer in the world golf rankings in February 2020.

It is worth mentioning in the Top 50 richest people in the field of sports, young stars occupy 18 positions. Notably, Anthony Joshua is the only non-footballer on the list. After 2 matches with Andy Ruiz Jr, the puncher owns 4 heavy boxing championship belts, bringing the total value of assets to 107 million pounds.

In another development, Gareth Bale is the richest man in his 30s and under, and ranks above many other football stars. Over the past few years, Bale has proven to be a very good star in the business sector even as Europe is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not to mention he is still receiving a salary of 350,000 pounds per week at Real Madrid.

Ranked after Gareth Bale and Anthony Joshua are both famous players playing in the Premier League, including Paul Pogba (£ 50 million), Kevin De Bruyne or David de Gea (£ 34 million).