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Top 10 best F1 drivers of all time and their impressive earnings (Part 2)

5. Ayrton Senna

Ranked 5th on the list of the best-performing F1 drivers ever, Brazilian Ayrton Senna has 41 races and has stepped up to the highest podium three times in the final result.

It is estimated that Senna earned about $ 400 million, but has donated most of these assets to charities to help the needy. He died in a racing accident in 1994, at the age of 34, leaving great grief in the hearts of fans.

4. Alain Prost

French racer Allen Prost, who retired, won the throne four times in his career at F1. He has 51 times won the Grand Prix in his career on the track. Certainly, Prost has always been on the list of the best auto racers in the world, and is also one of the richest racers, with a fortune of about $ 185 million.

Allen Prost, who retired, won the throne four times in his career at F1

3. Sebastian Vettel

To date, Sebastian Vettel has won 53 Grand Prix victories and 4 championships. He is also the youngest person to win the F1 championship.

This German driver has competed for the Ferrari team since 2015 and is considered one of the best racers in the history of the race. He is also ranked 14th in the list of the 100 highest-paid athletes in the world by Forbes magazine. Vettel’s assets are estimated at $ 120 million.

2. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, the defending champion of F1, had 83 leg wins and six championships. The most recent time, this 1.74 British racer won the Mexican Grand Prix in 2019. In 2017, he broke legendary Michael Schumacher’s record for pole position (pole position – first starting position, only for those with the best trail runs) earned in a career.

Hamilton is also the richest young athlete in the country, with an estimated net worth of about $ 280 million. He is the highest-paid driver ever and is invited by many major brands to be the representative face. Therefore, there are many forecasts that Hamilton will sooner or later become the richest F1 driver in history.

1. Michael Schumacher

German legend Michael Schumacher has 91 race victories in the F1 seasons he attended, which holds the record for winning this prestigious race.

With seven championships in his career that ended in 2012, Schumacher is also the richest F1 driver in history with a net worth of 780 million USD. These assets are estimated based on the salary and bonuses Schumacher received from the two teams, Ferrari and Mercedes.