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Lewis Hamilton leveled Michael Schumacher’s record

A historic Sunday at the Nurburgring. After 7 years F1 returned to the German racetrack, F1 racing village has witnessed the great record of 91 winning races leveled by champion Lewis Hamilton. From here he has come a long way to winning the 7th world championship in 2020.

Valtteri Bottas is the winner of the pole position with a new track record – 1 minute 25,269 seconds, his third starting start this season. He has improved 16 places from the only time he went to the racetrack in the past, in 2013 for the Williams racing team, his first F1 season.

Lewis Hamilton ranked No. 2 and brought in the 72nd time Mercedes took the first line

Lewis Hamilton ranked No. 2 and brought in the 72nd time Mercedes took the first line, also the 400th stage in the history of a Mercedes motor vehicle to start in the top 2.

Hamilton and Schumacher both had 91 F1 wins

In 4 of the last 5 F1 races taking place at the Nurburgring, the winners all started 2nd place – including Hamilton himself in 2011. Max Verstappen ranked 3rd in the 5th leg of the last 8 races. when Charles Leclerc and Ferrari got their best Saturday results since the British GP – seven races ago. Alex Albon is only the fourth time this season is in the top 5 in the ranking run

Daniel Ricciardo won sixth for Renault, in the same position he did for Toro Rosso during his previous Nurburgring visit in 2013. Lando Norris beat teammate Carlos Sainz for the first time in six races when both ranked 8 and 10.

Hamilton and Schumacher both had 91 F1 wins

Alternating between them was Sergio Perez, the Racing Point driver whose worst Saturday (dry) performance this year. Sebastian Vettel – the most recent winner here – was eliminated in Q2 and ranked 11th only.

Verstappen targets the final top 2 in 2020

Pierre Gasly (12th) ranked above teammate Daniil Kvyat for the 9th time in 11 races. The Russian driver started 11th or 12th in the last 5 races, but at the Eifel GP, he only got 13th. Antonio Giovinazzi has the best ranking of the year with 14th place, also the first time he passed.

In contrast, the remaining driver of Alfa Romeo, who will become F1’s most experienced driver with the 323 starting stage, begins the race in the last row.

Racing drivers

F1 racing legend Stirling Moss died at the age of 90

Sir Stirling Moss, a legendary British racer, died at the age of 90 after a long battle with illness. He died in the arms of his family on April 12. His departure has caused speed enthusiasts to suffer a living legend. Many F1 teams and riders also shared their grief in the media.

Sir Stirling Moss is considered one of the great monuments in the F1 race of the world despite not having won any championship. He is admired by many for this sport due to his talent as well as his discipline in competition. In 1962, he retired after a serious accident on the track. However, he continued to devote to the development of this speed sport until his death.

Born in 1929, Stirling Moss started his professional racing career in 1948 with the Cooper 500 race. During his entire career, Sir Stirling Moss won 212 race wins out of the 529 races it took. He also finished 16th in a total of 66 F1 races with a record of 4 times runner-up and 3 times ranked 3 all season.

In 1955, he joined Mercedes-Benz racing team with his best teammate and driver Juan Manuel Fangio. Fangio was also the one who defeated Moss in the race to win the championship that year. However, it was Moss who set an unprecedented record at the Mille Miglia race in Italy with the famous Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR bearing 722 when returning to Fangio until 32 minutes.

According to Sir Stirling Moss’s account, Fangio gave him a drink of “panacea” before the race, and despite not knowing what this was, Moss accepted to try. After 10 hours and 7 minutes of playing on the same record, Sir Stirling Moss continued driving all night with his girlfriend to Cologne, had breakfast in Munich and had lunch in Stuttgart.

In tribute to his resounding victory for the racing team, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren even produced special supercar tributes to him as a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition – 722 is also a wearable number of the 300 SLR car that Moss drove. More specifically, the SLR Stirling Moss version was launched in 2009, which is limited to 75 units worldwide. Factory price of this model at launch up to 1 million.

In 1961, Moss was voted BBC’s sports face of the year by the BBC. He was also knighted in 2000 by the Royal Family, received the Segrave Trophy in 2005 as well as the gold medal awarded by the FIA ​​for outstanding contribution to racing in 2006.