F1 organizers announce the schedule of the 2020 season

After much effort, the F1 organizers finally set the schedule for the 2020 season with the first 8 races.

The F1 2020 racing season has yet to start due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many races being postponed or even canceled. After much effort, the tournament organizers have finally set the season opening date in the new context.

F1 organizers announce the schedule

Accordingly, the first race of the F1 2020 season will be held in Austria from July 3-5 and the second race will continue in Austria one week later (July 10-12). The next week, the third race will be held in Hungary (July 17-19).

The fourth and fifth stages of the F1 season will be held at the famous Silverstone racecourse in the UK (July 31 to August 2 and August 7-9). The next leg of the race in Spain will be held (August 14-16).

After the first 6 races, the teams will take a week off before starting the races in Belgium (August 28-30) and Italy (4-6 September). Currently, the F1 organizers have only temporarily scheduled the events of the first 8 races and will update more in the future.

Thus, the fate of the F1 race in some countries has not been determined yet in 2020. According to Inside Racing, the organizers are still looking for a reasonable schedule for the F1 racing in these countries in the near future.

Recently, the F1 organizers have issued five basic rules to bring the races back. It is testing all the participants in the race, minimizing the number of people attending a race, trying to keep a distance and isolate themselves when moving from airports and hotels … it is the races that will be held in a state of no audience.


Lando Norris – a news prodigy of England in F1 car racing

The mist racing F1 sports fan is probably no longer worried about a future successor to Lewis Hamilton’s throne because they have the prodigy Lando Norris.

Lando Norris was born in 1999 in Bristol and has Anglo-Belgian nationality, his father Adam Norris is one of Bristol’s richest people and the 501st richest person in England. His family then moved to Glastonbury to allow him to pursue his racing career.

After initially having an interest in motor racing, Norris switched from preferring to 4-wheel racing when his father took him and his brother to watch a Super 1 Kart National Championship at the local racetrack. He started his racing career at the age of 7 when he won podium at his first national event.

In 2013, Norris won the World Karting Championships held in Bahrain, WSK Euro Series and CIK-FIA European and CIK-FIA Supercup. The following year, he won the CIK-FIA KF World Championship, with Ricky Flynn Motorsport, thereby making him the youngest world championship winner.

F1 career of Lando Norris

In February 2017, Norris was signed as a young racer with McLaren. In August 2017, he tested the McLaren F1 in a mid-season test and had the second fastest lap on the second test day at Hungaroring.In November 2017, Norris became the driver of the project.

Official McLaren equipment for the F1 2018 season. On August 24, 2018, Norris participated in the 1st free trial race at the Belgian Grand Prix for McLaren, driving No. 47. On September 3, 2018, Norris had was notified to drive for McLaren for the Formula One World Championship 2019, in partnership with Carlos Sainz Jr.

Norris finished 12th in his first race in Australia, and the next race in Bahrain, he made a strong effort to finish 6th, scoring the first point at F1. In the Chinese Grand Prix, he was the first to give up and finish in 8th place at the race in Azerbaijan.

In Japan, Norris started in 5th place but collided with Alexander Albon so he only finished in 11th place. At the next race in Mexico, Norris’ bad luck continued while in fifth place. 7, an improperly fitted wheel made him give up.

Norris finished the season with three other strong drives leading to the end of the consecutive point. Norris finished his first season at 11th place in the championship with 49 points, behind teammate Sainz. In July 2019, Norris signed a multi-year contract to stay with McLaren for next season and more.


Pure ETCR opens a new chapter in electric car racing (part 3)


Returning to motorsport in 2020 is Goodyear; one in every of the foremost identifiable names within the world of superior tyres that has aided champions within the world of Formula one, Indycar, the autoimmune disease Mans twenty four Hours and machine athletics across the globe. Goodyear joins as a introduction partner and as sole tyre provider manufacturing a customized unrestricted product for the series guaranteeing fewer tyres ought to be factory-made than for a standard race series – utterly orientating with PURE ETCR’s philosophy of making cleaner motor athletics.

Andrew Georgiou, President, Eurosport and world Sports Rights & Sports promoting Solutions, said: “Discovery is happy to expand its long-standing commitment to electrical motorsport that began with the group’s early investment in Formula E. As PURE ETCR is disclosed these days, we tend to see the chance to drive the advancement of electrical motorsport through Discovery’s worldwide experience in media and broadcasting, in addition as Eurosport Events’ verified memoir in growing a number of the foremost common motorsports series within the world. Discovery brings matchless world scale and an expansive portfolio of platforms and channels to maximize engagement around PURE ETCR, serving to to achieve rabid motorsport fans in addition as broader communities that relish driving and sports daily.”

Francois Ribeiro, Head of Eurosport Events, said: “PURE ETCR aligns with the automotive industry’s fast move towards electrification and that we area unit extraordinarily proud to launch this new world series these days. For over sixty years, machine athletics has been concerning showcasing the cars you’ll furnish the business organization at intervals the extreme and hard-hitting surroundings of the raceway. Our aspiration was to create a replacement class victimization all the ingredients that make machine athletics a favorite with fans whereas additionally promoting new electrical technology that matches utterly with our ideas of flat-out athletics, wheel-to-wheel battles and high performance. PURE ETCR can have all the key ingredients to attractiveness to motorsport fans and to assist shift the perception of electrical vehicles into one that shows they’re fun, aspirational and quick, whereas additionally giving the most important automotive makers a athletics platform on that they’ll showcase their latest electrical cars on a world scale.”