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Where is the Chinese F1 race 2021 taking place?

Joining the jubilant atmosphere the whole world has eagerly welcomed the unattractive Formula 1 race in 2021. Right at F1 China – Shanghai, driver Lewis Hamilton won spectacularly. Together Useful Blog Useful back in time, rewind this many unexpected dramatic happenings!

1. The progress of the F1 race in China

If you have ever known the bustling atmosphere with the impressive performances of the legendary driver David Coulthard who has achieved 13 times the F1 Grand Prix championship.

Before that, F1 Trung Racing Quoc in Shanghai has marked a major milestone in celebrating the 1000th Formula One world championship race that has delighted followers around the world in general and fans of the Mercedes fleet. in particular when both heroes Hamilton and Bottas finished at 1st and 2nd respectively.

F1 Chinese racing tournament took place with many surprises

Before entering the final official lap, a qualifying race was held earlier and as a result, the Mercedes team Valtteri Bottas won the first starting place. The racetrack in Shanghai – China has given professional F1 riders a  range of emotions and excitement when they have to pass 6 turns, 7 left, and 9 right crabs.

To win and overcome tough curves, each aching hand must use personal techniques rather than relying on the car engine, while continuously increasing the throttle to more than 300km / h and then lowering it to 90km/h.

Among the racers, Lewis Hamilton is the most charming person with this kind of interesting track, when he had 5 wins in 2008, 2011, 2021, 2021, and 2021). Bottas failed to achieve the championship dream on the final day of the game, despite winning the pole point.

2. The overall ranking for the race in China

The F1 tournament in Shanghai has also brought about significant results, directly affecting the individual rankings of the drivers.

The final results of the Chinese F1 race were named respectively with Lewis Hamilton in the first place, second place Valtteri Bottas all from Mercedes, and third place with the presence of Sebastian Vettel, 4th and 5th place went to Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

F1 racing

The way the youth tournament is organized will be changed in 2021

Along with Formula 1, lower form Formula 2 and Formula 3 have also finished successfully this 2020 season. To reduce the cost of organizing these two races in the coming years, the organization of the F2 and F3 races from 2021 will be significantly changed. Besides, another racing format will also be supported by F1 from next year.

F2 season in 2020 has officially ended after the Sakhir GP race took place over the weekend. Mick Schumacher won the championship title this year after a choking race against his direct competitor with Ferrari youth academy, Callum Ilott.

Mick ended the season after 12 races (24 races), taking 2 wins and another 8 podia, earning 215 points. So the Prema Racing team has won all four titles of both F2 and F3 prizes – 2 team titles, the F3 individual title for Oscar Piastri (Australia), and the F2 title for Mick.

Prema Racing acquired all 4 titles in the F2 and F3 tournaments in 2020

By 2021, the F2 and F3 prizes, belonging to the “Road to F1” system, agreed on a change plan to better control the organizational budget. Specifically, the cost of renting engines and parts will be significantly reduced, along with costs related to logistics and transportation.

The way the youth tournament is organized will be changed in 2021

The organizers decided to keep the car design for the next 3 years with F2, starting from 2021. The 2019 F3 car design is likely to be maintained for the next 4 seasons.

Another factor that directly affects the cost is the number of races per season. So the organizer thinks that the most effective way to reduce spending is to reduce the venue but keep the total number of races intact. Currently, two races will take place at each F2 and F3 venue, but from 2021 this number will increase to three.

F2 season will include 8 races (Grand Prix – GP), so there will be a total of 24 races. That means racing teams can save up to 1/3 on logistics costs. With the F3, the GP number will be 7, equivalent to 21 races, more than in 2020.

To achieve that, F2 and F3 will not be able to hold the same race weekend with F1, as it is impossible to arrange up to 6 races in an already very busy schedule. Therefore, F2 and F3 will take turns participating in F1 races.

At F2 2021, the season will begin at the end of the 2020 season, the Bahrain international race on the weekend of March 26-28. The tournament will take a break for nearly 2 months before the start of the tour in Europe in Monaco on May 20-22.

Racing drivers

Top 7 youngest riders ever to win in the MotoGP racing/500CC

Here is a list of the 7 youngest racers ever to finish a race in the highest form of MotoGP.

1. Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) – 20 years and 63 days – American GP 2013 (Austin)

Currently the best racer of MotoGP, Marc Marquez has won up to 5 championships in MotoGP. The racer will surely set many more records in the coming years.

2. Freddie Spencer (Honda-HRC) – 20 years old 196 days – Belgian GP 1982 (Spa)

Considered one of the best racers in the early 1980s. The legendary American racer has won the championship three times. MotoGP (2 times in the highest racing class – 1983 & 1985).

3. Norifumi “Norick” Abe (Roberts Marlboro-Yamaha) – 20 years 227 days – Japanese GP 1996 (Suzuka)

During his MotoGP career (1994-2004), Norick Abe only competed in high form. most of MotoGP. He has won a total of 3 Winners. Unfortunately, this Japanese racer soon passed away at the age of 32 (2007) due to a traffic accident.

4. Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda) – 20 years 227 days – Chinese GP 2006 (Shanghai)

Joining MotoGP continuously since 2001 until now, Dani Pedrosa has been familiar to fans. Despite having won 3 titles in the 125cc & 250cc (2003-2005) races, Pedrosa has yet to get the championship in the MotoGP class after more than a decade of fighting.

Joining MotoGP continuously since 2001 until now, Dani Pedrosa has been familiar to fans

5. Randy Mamola (Heron-Suzuki) – 20 years, 239 days – Belgian GP 1982 (Zoider) An

American racer who competed in MotoGP in the period 1979 – 1992. Although unable to win the championship, Mamola also 13 wins and all take place in the highest racing class.

6. Jorge Lorenzo (Fiat Yamaha Team) – 20 years 345 days – Portugal GP 2008 (Estoril)

Currently one of the best racers at MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo has won 5 times at MotoGP (3 times at the highest rank – 2010, 2012 & 2015).

7. Mike Hailwood (Norton) – 21 years 75 days – UK GP 1961 (OM TT)

With a total of 9 championships in the MotoGP career in the 1960s, the late British legend is simply one of the greatest names in the history of this tournament.

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Lewis Hamilton was infected with COVID-19 and had to give up F1 Sakhir GP

Lewis Hamilton just won the Bahrain Grand Prix last week, but due to COVID-19, he missed an appointment with the Sakhir Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton was infected with COVID-19 so he did not attend the Sakhir Grand Prix, the penultimate race of the 2020 season. Before that, he just won Bahrain Grand Prix and it was the 11th victory this season.

This COVID-19 incident is too painful for Hamilton because if he wins the last two races in Sakhir and Abu Dhabi, the British driver will match Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s record of 13 Grand Prix wins in one season. But now, Hamilton is put on quarantine after being examined three times last week. The previous times have been negative, including the last time on Sunday.

Hamilton won the Bahrain Grand Prix 2020

He woke up with a mild fever on Monday morning and was told that someone who had contacted him before coming to Bahrain had later turned positive. Another test performed confirmed that Hamilton was infected with COVID-19.

This season, Bahrain held two consecutive F1 races

Hamilton just won the Bahrain Grand Prix, but due to a COVID-19 infection, he did not attend the Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 this weekend.

Max Verstappen (left) and Lewis Hamilton at Bahrain Grand Prix 2020.

As soon as the news that Lewis Hamilton was stuck with COVID-19, one of the things that the organizers of Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 are most worried about must be whether there are any F1 stars to follow. The focus was on Max Verstappen because Red Bull’s racer had 7 contacts with the World Champion.

Fortunately, Max Verstappen’s sample was negative. Before that at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Verstappen not only stood on the same stage to win with Hamilton, but also awarded the Cup to the British driver, and they attended the press conference together.

Hamilton’s absence is seen as an opportunity for Verstappen to win the Sakhir Grand Prix when the main rival seems to be just Mercedes Valtteri Bottas. Of course, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Mercedes transferred George Russell from Williams to temporarily replace Hamilton.

In real life, Lewis Hamilton’s shoes are too small for George Russell’s size, but on the track, no one thinks that young British talent has enough power to fit the legendary men’s shoes.

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Lewis Hamilton is ready to receive the title of Knight if he is nominated

Lewis Hamilton has just successfully caught up with the record 7 times F1 defending by legendary Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton has just announced that he is ready to receive the title of Knight if he is nominated, after catching up with the record 7 times F1 World Championship of legendary Michael Schumacher.

Mercedes star is currently the most successful racer in F1 history, so it is predicted that the media will be named “Sir” on New Year’s Day 2021. Up to now, the three-time champion Jackie Stewart (81 years old) is the only representative of 10 British F1 players to be knighted.

Sir Jackie Stewart is the only British F1 driver to be knighted

Hamilton is not only catching up with the record 7 times F1 championship of the legendary Michael Schumacher but also holds the record 94 times of winning the Grand Prix. The official Royal UK Twitter account @RoyalFamily has 4.2 million followers, while Hamilton’s account attracts 6 million people!

Bahrain Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton set a record again for pole

Early completion of the 7-time goal does not seem to satisfy Lewis Hamilton, when the F1 driver continues to win the Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying round, as a habit!

Lewis Hamilton set a record again for pole

Just catching up with Schumacher’s legendary seven-time F1 championship record, Lewis Hamilton continued to dig deep for the 98th pole record in Bahrain Grand Prix 2020. Now his next goal is to expand the Grand Championship records in Grand Prix ​​up to 95 times.

British racer Valtteri Bottas 0.3 seconds more than 0.3 seconds, 0.4 seconds more than Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. He also set the fastest lap record with 1 minute 27,264 seconds. This is the 10th time that Hamilton has won the pole in 2020, a respectable achievement if the new season has undergone 15 Grand Prix.

If he maintains this form, at the end of this year’s season, Hamilton can set a record of 100 times capturing the pole, a feat that is almost impossible to break. Compared with the soaring Mercedes and Hamilton, Ferraris continued to falter when Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc ranked 11th and 12th respectively.

F1 racing

Top 10 best F1 drivers of all time and their impressive earnings (Part 2)

5. Ayrton Senna

Ranked 5th on the list of the best-performing F1 drivers ever, Brazilian Ayrton Senna has 41 races and has stepped up to the highest podium three times in the final result.

It is estimated that Senna earned about $ 400 million, but has donated most of these assets to charities to help the needy. He died in a racing accident in 1994, at the age of 34, leaving great grief in the hearts of fans.

4. Alain Prost

French racer Allen Prost, who retired, won the throne four times in his career at F1. He has 51 times won the Grand Prix in his career on the track. Certainly, Prost has always been on the list of the best auto racers in the world, and is also one of the richest racers, with a fortune of about $ 185 million.

Allen Prost, who retired, won the throne four times in his career at F1

3. Sebastian Vettel

To date, Sebastian Vettel has won 53 Grand Prix victories and 4 championships. He is also the youngest person to win the F1 championship.

This German driver has competed for the Ferrari team since 2015 and is considered one of the best racers in the history of the race. He is also ranked 14th in the list of the 100 highest-paid athletes in the world by Forbes magazine. Vettel’s assets are estimated at $ 120 million.

2. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, the defending champion of F1, had 83 leg wins and six championships. The most recent time, this 1.74 British racer won the Mexican Grand Prix in 2019. In 2017, he broke legendary Michael Schumacher’s record for pole position (pole position – first starting position, only for those with the best trail runs) earned in a career.

Hamilton is also the richest young athlete in the country, with an estimated net worth of about $ 280 million. He is the highest-paid driver ever and is invited by many major brands to be the representative face. Therefore, there are many forecasts that Hamilton will sooner or later become the richest F1 driver in history.

1. Michael Schumacher

German legend Michael Schumacher has 91 race victories in the F1 seasons he attended, which holds the record for winning this prestigious race.

With seven championships in his career that ended in 2012, Schumacher is also the richest F1 driver in history with a net worth of 780 million USD. These assets are estimated based on the salary and bonuses Schumacher received from the two teams, Ferrari and Mercedes.

Racing drivers

Top 10 best F1 drivers of all time and their impressive earnings (Part 1)

Formula 1 (F1) is an annual international racing event that first took place in the 1950s. Owned by Formula One Group, this race is organized by the International Motor Federation (FIA).

As the fastest racing world in the world and undergoing many races (Grand Prix) in different countries each season, F1 is not for athletes “mentally weak” or novice. It is not surprising that the champions in F1 history are very tough racers and have extremely “huge” income.

Here are the 10 best racers in F1 history and how much they make.

10. Nikki Lauda

Ranked 10th on this list, Nikki Lauda is a monument in F1 history. He has 25 Grand Prix victories in his career and 3 times won the championship and is also the only F1 driver to bring the championship to both Ferrari and McLaren teams.

Once, Lauda nearly died in an accident, but just a few weeks later he returned to play and won continuously. In 2019, he died at the age of 70, leaving a fortune of about $ 200 million.

9. Jim Clark

Not only two times F1 champion, but British driver Jim Clark also participated in many other racing competitions. In his F1 career, he has 25 Grand Prix victories. Clark died in an accident at Formula 2 F2) in Hockenheim, Germany in 1968, at the age of 32.

British driver Jim Clark participated in many racing competitions

8. Jackie Stewart

Fans called Jackie Stewart by nickname “Flying Scot” because of his ability to top speed. This year 80 years old, Stewart has 21 Grand Prix victories in his career in F1 racing, winning 3 times and at least 2 times finishing runner-up.

This achievement was even more remarkable when he learned that Stewart had serious dyslexia (Dyslexia). His net worth is about $ 50 million.

7. Nigel Mansell

Nigel Mansell, who retired in 1995, owned a long and successful competitive career with one world championship and 31 Grand Prix victories. At the peak of his career, he was the most popular British F1 driver, to the point that many racing tournaments were named after him. Mansell’s net worth is estimated at $ 90 million.

6. Fernando Alonso

Spanish racer Fernando Alonso has won the F1 championship twice, and both times are final victories over legendary Michael Schumacher. During his playing career, he had 32 Grand Prix victories and was considered the end of Michael Schumacher’s golden age. Alonso owns an estimated net worth of $ 240 million.

Racing drivers

Hamilton also equalized the legendary Michael Schumacher’s record 91 races

On the day Nadal makes a miracle at Roland Garros, the world’s leading F1 driver Lewis Hamilton also has his own joy. The British star overcame many difficulties (second starting only, due to not winning the pole in the qualifying race) to finish No. 1 at the Eifel Grand Prix (Germany).

Hamilton’s victory was multiplied by that time it was the 91st run of his career. This achievement helps the 6-time world champion to balance the previous record set by legendary Michael Schumacher.

In terms of individual achievements, this is clearly a record that will be difficult to break in the future. After the legendary Schumacher, Hamilton is considered a worthy successor when he continuously shows his class at a very different level than the rest of the F1 world racing village .

Next time, Hamilton has 6 more races to be able to surpass Schumacher, thereby creating the history of F1 racing. It is not too much to say that Lewis Hamilton inscribed his name in the temple of the F1 legends. When Schumacher won his 7th and last title in 2004, neither Hamilton nor his rival Sebastian Vettel (four times), had yet to debut F1.

Very few people think of Schumacher’s record being broken, but, Hamilton has gradually created a unique position over the years to approach the achievement of the man. The star born in 1985 is approaching the 7th championship and at that time, perhaps many people call Hamilton a true sports “legend”.

Lewis Hamilton is the richest sports athlete in the UK

6-time world champion F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has been ranked as the richest sports athlete in the UK with a fortune of up to £ 224 million.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic causing great damage to the global economy, Sun Sports magazine recently announced a list of the richest sports stars in the UK.

Hamilton is richest athlete in the UK with 224 million pounds

Accordingly, each F1 driver championship 6 times world Lewis Hamilton became the winner with a mass of up to 224 million asset table. With the successes on the Formula 1 track, plus the huge remuneration of the Mercedes team (contract 40 million pounds/year), Hamilton is truly one of the most successful racers in history.

In second place, Rory McIlroy is a sports star with a net worth of up to 170 million pounds. The British golfer has just returned to number one golfer in the world golf rankings in February 2020.

It is worth mentioning in the Top 50 richest people in the field of sports, young stars occupy 18 positions. Notably, Anthony Joshua is the only non-footballer on the list. After 2 matches with Andy Ruiz Jr, the puncher owns 4 heavy boxing championship belts, bringing the total value of assets to 107 million pounds.

In another development, Gareth Bale is the richest man in his 30s and under, and ranks above many other football stars. Over the past few years, Bale has proven to be a very good star in the business sector even as Europe is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not to mention he is still receiving a salary of 350,000 pounds per week at Real Madrid.

Ranked after Gareth Bale and Anthony Joshua are both famous players playing in the Premier League, including Paul Pogba (£ 50 million), Kevin De Bruyne or David de Gea (£ 34 million).

Racing drivers

Verstappen returned to the podium at Silverstone after 4 years (Part 2)

Verstappen was a little bit short of a surprise win, but 2nd place also gave him and Red Bull the first odium at Silverstone since 2016. This is the second consecutive leg Hamilton and Verstappen finished in two leading positions. Leclerc, after two consecutive empty races, Ferrari’s driver has had the second podium this year with third place in this race.

Ricciardo and Renault have an unexpectedly successful track

Daniel Ricciardo balances his best performance for Renault to fourth place and gives the French team the best results since his return to the F1 team in 2016. Team-mate Esteban Ocon finishes 6th and ‘pocket’ an extra 20 points for the team.

Ocon finished 8th, 7th, and 6th in the last 3 British GP races he attended. This is Renault’s best record at Silverstone since they won with Fernando Alonso in 2006. Lando Norris has the third leg to score at home, also the third time he is in the top 5 for McLaren this season. Alex Albon and Lance Stroll both got the first time in the race at Silverstone when they finished 8th and 9th, respectively.

Verstappen returned to the podium at Silverstone after 4 years

Vettel never finished 10th in the main race during the 240 starting stages of his career until the 2020 season. In the past four races, the four-time world champion has finished 10th place twice, in the first leg in Austria and in Silverstone. Thereby, “warhorse” has the second double point of this season.

Hulkenberg lost his chance to enter the main race due to an engine failure not to explode

Unfortunately, the car had a problem that could not start the engine so the chance of ‘The Hulk’ has ended since the race has not yet started. This is the third time in F1 career, Hulkenberg could not start the race after 2 times at Australian GP 2013 for Sauber and Belgian GP 2015 for Force India.

Racing drivers

Verstappen returned to the podium at Silverstone after 4 years (Part 1)

Lance Stroll has never passed Q1 at Silverstone in the previous entries until the Canadian driver ranked 6th. Pierre Gasly had set the exact same timeline as Stroll in Q2 but was eliminated due to Stroll completing that lap first.

Gasly’s teammate also started in the top 3, but Alex Albon was only 12th and was eliminated in Q2 in the second leg in a row. Last year, the Thai driver even entered Q3 with Toro Rosso and ranked ninth.

Alfa Romeo continues a series of disappointing achievements when no car has passed Q1 in the past 4 races. The main driver Kimi Raikkonen went through 5 stages but could not participate in Q2, a career record of “snowman”, and he was even 3-1 lead by teammate Antonio Giovinazzi in the score.

The main race

A race that brings a lot of deep sadness to many riders, especially those who have experienced unfortunate tire problems in the final laps. However, with his excellent skills, Lewis Hamilton brought his one-wheeled “disabled” Mercedes W11 to the finish line first and won the 7th at Silverstone, reaching a record for the racer with many races. The best home field in history, surpassing Alain Prost with 6 times French GP coronation.

Verstappen returned to the podium at Silverstone after 4 years

Leclerc luckily won the 2nd podium in 2020

The Mercedes star also set a new record for the number of races in the first place from start to finish, surpassing the 19-stage achievement of the idol Senna. The British driver’s victory is the 87th time he has won an F1 race and is only 4 times behind Michael Schumacher’s record.

In addition, the number 44 handlebar just needs to finish the top 3 once more to balance the 155 achievements on the podium of the German legend.

Hamilton had a winning hat-trick after four completed stages from the beginning of the season. In the past, there were 2 seasons in 2014 and 2015 where he did the same thing, and he also won the championship in those seasons.