British Grand Prix

Interesting statistics about British motorcycle Grand Prix

Max Verstappen set a record as the youngest racer to win an F1 race after winning the Spanish GP 2016. Also set a record for the youngest racer on the podium and the youngest racer to ever lead at least 1 lap.

This is the 6th consecutive year Silverstone has hosted the MotoGP race since 2010 after a period of 23 years of no organization. Here are some interesting statistics and figures related to this race:

The first MotoGP race held at Silverstone was in 1977. This is also the first time in the UK to host a MotoGP race. Prior to 1977, UK-branded races were held on the Isle of Man since 1949. Later UK races were no longer held on the Isle of Man for safety reasons.

The first race to win Silverstone in 1977 was Pat Hennen (Suzuki 500cc); Kork Ballington (Yamaha 250 and 350cc) and Pierluigi Conforti (Morbidelli 125cc).

The original length of Silverstone is 4.71km (from 1977 to 1986); the record of this period is Kenny Robert (Yamaha) set in 1983 with an average speed of 192.2km per h.

After 10 consecutive years held at Silverstone, the UK Race was transferred to Donington Park racetrack in 1987.

By 2010, the UK race was transferred to Silverstone, the length of this time Silverstone is 5.9 km. Silverstone is also the longest race in this year’s schedule.

The most winning Grand Pix in the UK is Valentino Rossi with 7 wins (125cc 1 time, 250cc 1 time, 500cc 2 times, MotoGP 3 times) but all these victories take place at the racetrack. Donington Park.

The drivers with the most wins in Siverstone are Kork Ballington and Angel Nieto with 6 victories for each.

Since the UK race returned to Silverstone, only 2 riders won more than once here, which is Jorge Lorenzo with 3 victories in 2010, 2012, 2013 in both MotoGP and Marc Marquez with 2 victories (125cc in 2010 and MotoGP 2014).

There are 12 British riders on the podium at Silverstone; but only two riders have ever won: Ian McConnachie (80cc in 1996) and Scott Redding (Moto2 in 2013).

Since MotoGP returned to Silverstone, the highest achievement of a British driver in MotoGP class is Cal Cruthlow’s 6th in 2012.

Yamaha won the last 3/5 races (all belonged to Jorge Lorenzo); The remaining 2 victories belong to Honda. The highest achievement of Ducati is only 2 times Nicky Hayden in fourth place in 2010 and 2011. As for Suzuki, it is 5th place of Alvarô Bautista in 2011.


Lando Norris – a news prodigy of England in F1 car racing

The mist racing F1 sports fan is probably no longer worried about a future successor to Lewis Hamilton’s throne because they have the prodigy Lando Norris.

Lando Norris was born in 1999 in Bristol and has Anglo-Belgian nationality, his father Adam Norris is one of Bristol’s richest people and the 501st richest person in England. His family then moved to Glastonbury to allow him to pursue his racing career.

After initially having an interest in motor racing, Norris switched from preferring to 4-wheel racing when his father took him and his brother to watch a Super 1 Kart National Championship at the local racetrack. He started his racing career at the age of 7 when he won podium at his first national event.

In 2013, Norris won the World Karting Championships held in Bahrain, WSK Euro Series and CIK-FIA European and CIK-FIA Supercup. The following year, he won the CIK-FIA KF World Championship, with Ricky Flynn Motorsport, thereby making him the youngest world championship winner.

F1 career of Lando Norris

In February 2017, Norris was signed as a young racer with McLaren. In August 2017, he tested the McLaren F1 in a mid-season test and had the second fastest lap on the second test day at Hungaroring.In November 2017, Norris became the driver of the project.

Official McLaren equipment for the F1 2018 season. On August 24, 2018, Norris participated in the 1st free trial race at the Belgian Grand Prix for McLaren, driving No. 47. On September 3, 2018, Norris had was notified to drive for McLaren for the Formula One World Championship 2019, in partnership with Carlos Sainz Jr.

Norris finished 12th in his first race in Australia, and the next race in Bahrain, he made a strong effort to finish 6th, scoring the first point at F1. In the Chinese Grand Prix, he was the first to give up and finish in 8th place at the race in Azerbaijan.

In Japan, Norris started in 5th place but collided with Alexander Albon so he only finished in 11th place. At the next race in Mexico, Norris’ bad luck continued while in fifth place. 7, an improperly fitted wheel made him give up.

Norris finished the season with three other strong drives leading to the end of the consecutive point. Norris finished his first season at 11th place in the championship with 49 points, behind teammate Sainz. In July 2019, Norris signed a multi-year contract to stay with McLaren for next season and more.

Racing in the UK

The motor races canceled, postponed or rescheduled due to coronavirus

Like any other sports, motor sport has been strongly hit due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Formula 1 has been postponed until at least June, with disruption to the Formula E, NASCAR, WEC, and Moto GP calendars too.

Formula 1 has announced that the season’s first grand prix won’t take place until at least June. The Le Mans 24 Hours has been postponed to September, and racing events all around the world are going to be bare for the next few months.

Coronavirus pandemic has cut a swathe through 2020 championship schedules worldwide, with international series affected as well as domestic competitions, such as the World Endurance Championship (WEC), Formula E, NASCAR, and MotoGP. All have canceled multiple events while further disruption is expected since the virus outbreak keeps going on.

Most of the series are no longer aiming to restart by a certain date. However, monitor the situation as much as possible between the relaxation of restrictions and before the end of the year.

Since Formula 1 has brought forward its summer shutdown, more races can be planned in August. Meanwhile, WEC will suspend the start of next season.

In Britain, Motorsport UK, governing four-wheeled motor sport in the country, has delayed all event permits until the end of June – at the earliest. The British Touring Car Championship is also looking to cram in races before the end of the year.

The FIA, motor sport’s governing body, has set up a “crisis cell” meeting every other day in order to consider the latest disruptions and decide on race cancellations or postponement.

F1 has ripped up its calendar after the cancelation of the Australian Grand Prix, just two hours before the first practice was planned to start, following a confirmed infected case in the McLaren team.


Pure ETCR opens a new chapter in electric car racing (part 3)


Returning to motorsport in 2020 is Goodyear; one in every of the foremost identifiable names within the world of superior tyres that has aided champions within the world of Formula one, Indycar, the autoimmune disease Mans twenty four Hours and machine athletics across the globe. Goodyear joins as a introduction partner and as sole tyre provider manufacturing a customized unrestricted product for the series guaranteeing fewer tyres ought to be factory-made than for a standard race series – utterly orientating with PURE ETCR’s philosophy of making cleaner motor athletics.

Andrew Georgiou, President, Eurosport and world Sports Rights & Sports promoting Solutions, said: “Discovery is happy to expand its long-standing commitment to electrical motorsport that began with the group’s early investment in Formula E. As PURE ETCR is disclosed these days, we tend to see the chance to drive the advancement of electrical motorsport through Discovery’s worldwide experience in media and broadcasting, in addition as Eurosport Events’ verified memoir in growing a number of the foremost common motorsports series within the world. Discovery brings matchless world scale and an expansive portfolio of platforms and channels to maximize engagement around PURE ETCR, serving to to achieve rabid motorsport fans in addition as broader communities that relish driving and sports daily.”

Francois Ribeiro, Head of Eurosport Events, said: “PURE ETCR aligns with the automotive industry’s fast move towards electrification and that we area unit extraordinarily proud to launch this new world series these days. For over sixty years, machine athletics has been concerning showcasing the cars you’ll furnish the business organization at intervals the extreme and hard-hitting surroundings of the raceway. Our aspiration was to create a replacement class victimization all the ingredients that make machine athletics a favorite with fans whereas additionally promoting new electrical technology that matches utterly with our ideas of flat-out athletics, wheel-to-wheel battles and high performance. PURE ETCR can have all the key ingredients to attractiveness to motorsport fans and to assist shift the perception of electrical vehicles into one that shows they’re fun, aspirational and quick, whereas additionally giving the most important automotive makers a athletics platform on that they’ll showcase their latest electrical cars on a world scale.”

Racing in the UK

Pure ETCR opens a new chapter in electric car racing (part 2)


Four standalone events in 2020 can begin the series. Within the inaugural season of PURE ETCR this year, 2 competitors kind every whole can go head-to-head at each track and every event to fight for individual honors. The lights can leave for the first battle at the spectacular Salzburgring, Austria, as a locality of a double-header event with the WTCR – FIA World Motorcar Cup, to create a car racing athletics competition on July 24-26. Each week later, the series can move to the national capital Historic Grand Prix, at which PURE ETCR competitors can battle on a street circuit for the first time.

After a summer break, competition can resume at Inje Speedium – once more with WTCR – on October 16-18 with the final word event command in Kwangtung, China, in November when an excellent event is to be hosted at the Goodwood Competition of Speed, the UK, on July 9-12 with one automotive from every whole collaborating in regular runs up the long one.8km hill climb. The showcase season can finish with an incident that supports the twenty-four Hours of Daytona on Jan 30-31. Associate in Nursing FIA International Series, with the titles of Drivers and makers out there for the first time, can ensue in 2021 with Associate in Nursing eight-round calendar across Asia, Europe, and North America.


A Magelec Propulsion powertrain with Williams Advanced Engineering battery unit can push 500kw through the rear wheels; the equivalent of a staggering 680bhp. A push-to-pass facility can facilitate passing whereas an extra fight back mode can manufacture an opportunity to regain lost ground. With 0-100kph achieved in exactly three.2 seconds, PURE ETCR vehicles square measure attending to be the fastest-accelerating road cars ever seen and maybe re-energized exploitation EnelX chargers.


PURE ETCR aims to vary attitudes towards electrical vehicles and promote electrical quality as a matter of social responsibility. With this in mind, a series of key commitments square measure created to appreciate larger property in motorsport.

One key action for the inaugural season is also a commitment to not use air freight, and instead to believe ocean freight, that is one hundred times less impactful environmentally. Typically, this can be often achieved by Associate in Nursing optimized calendar that teams scheduled events along by region.

Hydrogen-powered generators square measure attending to be utilized within the pen as a result of they are considerably less-impactful than ancient internal combustion-powered units.

Racing in the UK

Pure ETCR opens new chapter in electric car racing (part 1)

Promoted by Eurosport Events, the Discovery-owned promoter behind the WTCR – FIA World phaeton Cup and FIM Endurance World Championship, Pure ETCR promises the exhilarating battles and can unlock the incredible potential of high-performance electric vehicles.

Pure ETCR brings together the spirit of on-track competition in its purest sense and therefore the world’s most powerful touring cars to make electrifying on-track battles which will thrill motorsport fans and supply a brand-new platform for the most important automotive manufacturers to showcase their latest electric production cars within the intense environment of the racetrack.


A live draw will split the PURE ETCR field into Battle groups with drivers from an equivalent manufacturer deliberately kept apart for Battle 1. Cars will start side-by-side with the first-drawn driver having the first choice on where to line up.

Winners reach the highest groups of Battle 2 with runners-up squaring-up against one another and therefore the remaining drivers doing an equivalent. All Battle 2 winners reach the Grand Final with runners-up within the B Final and therefore the remaining drivers within the C Final.

An increasing number of points are awarded at every stage except Battle 3; a single-car, all-or-nothing blast over one lap to work out who gets the first choice of starting position in each final. The Grand Final winner is that the event King or Queen and can automatically be the highest points-scorer for the round.


Uniquely among circuit-racing championships, cars will line-up side-by-side for every Battle, inside an enormous starting stall, which can become one among the centerpieces of the series. When the lights leave, the gate will open and it’s time for full-throttle action. Once released, every driver will have one use of a ‘push-to-pass’ facility, unleashing extra energy and power to offer them an opportunity to overtake the car ahead.

Drivers and teams will steel themselves against Battle within the ‘Hot Zone’ – a connected area where they will watch the action unfold on the track as their team-mates battle for brand honors. Then they head straight to their cars within the starting gates, ensuring an ultra-fast turnover between Battles.

After crossing the finishing line, cars are taken to the Energy Station; the center of an interactive zone within the middle of the paddock, where fans can watch the vehicles re-energizing up-close in a safe and interesting environment.

Racing in the UK

Jaden Anderson is Scottish champion at age of nine

Jaden Anderson of Alford, who is just nine years old, recently won the 65cc ScotMX Scottish Championship in Tain.

In the week, Jaden Anderson added the Aberdeen and District Motocross Club Championship, a title that he also won last year, as he came third within the Scottish Championship.

Jaden Anderson started motocross racing on a 50cc auto when he was just seven years old. He leveled up to the 65cc class at the beginning of this year and became the primary rider to win the championship in his rookie year.

He went on to compete at Assen within the Netherlands last weekend after being invited by Yamaha to require part within the Motocross of countries Super Finale as a part of the Yamaha bLU cRU team.

Jaden finished 25th – he was sitting no. 22, however, he then had a crash on the last lap.

“He had an incredible weekend with Yamaha bLU cRU,” said his mum Karen. “It was a tremendous experience for him as well as the other riders.”

The event started on Saturday morning because the bLU cRU programme was split into 65cc, 85cc, and 125cc classes, with about100 amongst the most promising young Yamaha riders in Europe racing on an equivalent track as the professional MXGP riders.

Starting with a humid opening free rehearsal within the morning, the YZ65 young riders were the primary competitors to ride the newly built sand track.

The YZ bLU cRU relished the chance to check their machinery and skills on the planet stage for the primary time, having made the SuperFinale supported their national championship results.

The top three finishers and two carefully chosen wildcards in each category will now be picked in order to attend the bLU cRU Masterclass in Spain from 18th to 20th of November this year.

Racing in the UK

Dyce Haulage firm announced new Motocross team sponsorship

Dyce Carriers have announced that they’re going to be sponsoring Motocross star, Shaun Simpson’s latest venture, as he embarks on running and managing and his own team for the primary time.

Having been racing since childhood, Shaun Simpson became Scottish Motocross champion at just the age of 13 and participated in his first world championship just one day after finishing his final exams at the age of 16. He then became a three-time British Champion and has won four Grand Prix, also as representing Great Britain within the Motocross of countries.

After a problem series involving his bike caused his setbacks, Shaun decided that the simplest approach for moving forward was to strike out on his own and develop a team that raced his own way. In spite of his enthusiasm and determination to forge his path, the frightening task was finding the sponsorship for a replacement team.

Joining Shaun during a new partnership, managing directors of Dyce Carriers, Jason and Candie Moir, who also are passionate motocross fans, have stepped in to supply Shaun with the support he must strike out on his own.

Growing up, both Candie and Jason were fans of Shaun’s father, seasoned Moto-Cross Grand Prix racer, Willie Simpson. Back in 2012, they started personally sponsoring Shaun and since then became close friends, as they took holiday’s following Shaun round the international race circuit and bonding over the usually intense and visceral experiences that Moto-Cross can bring.

Setting out on this new prospect, Shaun said “I’m really excited to run my very own team and obtain back to what it’s all about, fixing the work, racing hard, and getting around the track within the fastest time possible”

“The support that Jason and Candie have given me has been incredible, without people like them, who are hooked into the game, none of this is able to be possible.”

Jason added that motocross had always been his passion, so they were very happy to help Shaun make his dream become true.

Racing in the UK

Thompson signs for Trade Price Cars Racing

Bobby Thompson has signed for Trade Price Cars Racing for the 2020 Kwik Fit British phaeton Championship season.

The 23-year-old from Hornchurch is the first driver who confirmed with the team for what is going to be its second season in Britain’s premier racing series, with the second part of a replacement line-up to be announced in due course.

Trade Price Cars Racing will once more field a pair of Audi S3s next year on the rear of a shocking 2019 season that included a fine win at Knockhill, and ended with the team sitting fourth within the Independent Teams’ Championship.

As with many young drivers, Thompson started his career in karting before taking the step into auto racing, initially within the Ford Fiesta Championship before two meetings in British Formula Ford in 2014, where he picked up six top-10 finishes in six starts.

With a long-term ambition to undertake and make it into touring cars, Thompson reverted back to tin tops for 2015 with an entry into the Volkswagen Racing Cup, securing his maiden win at Snetterton on the way to 10th within the championship standings.

Improving to fifth place overall 12 months later, Thompson then became the person to hammer in the highly-competitive series in 2017 as he stormed to the championship title in impressive fashion, taking six wins and only failing to form stage fourfold all season.

That opened the door for a dream enter the BTCC and in two seasons within the series so far , he has shown his pace with variety of top 10 finishes at the wheel of a VW CC, including sixth place at the 2019 season opener at Brands Hatch.

Now at the wheel of the Trade Price Cars Racing Audi – arguably one among the foremost improved cars on the grid in 2019 – Thompson will hope to regularly challenge for top 10 finishes, together with his ultimate goal being to fight for a primary podium and to launch a bid for the Jack Sears Trophy, hospitable drivers who have yet to secure a top-three finish within the series.

Following a planned pre-season testing programme, Thompson will make his Trade Price Cars Racing debut when the 2020 campaign kicks off at Donington Park on the weekend of March 28/29.

British Grand Prix

Things You Might not Have Known about British Grand Prix

Memorable Moments:

  • 1994: Michael Schumacher disobeyed the rules and ignored a five-second penalty
  • 1987: Nigel Mansell’s finest hour as he overtook team-mate Nelson Piquet with just two laps remaining
  • 1960: Graham Hill lost the Grand Prix just five laps from winning with brake failure
  • 1950: f1 was born at Silverstone where Giuseppe Farina, an Italian racer, was victorious

The British Grand Prix is one of the f1 calendar’s oldest races and the UK is home (either in full or part) to eight of the competing teams including Williams, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus, and Force India. The British Grand Prix has never failed in providing drama for spectators who can get their hands on tickets to the coveted F1 race at Silverstone Circuit.

As any F1 racing fans knows, nothing beats the amazing atmosphere that can only be found as the British Grand Prix comes home to Silverstone. This reaches fever-pitch everytime when there is a Brit in the racing line-up.

Silverstone circuit also provides some wonderful racing opportunities for both driver and spectator as well. The track used to be a former World War II aerodrome, it is fast and a quick lap time requires finesse and bravery from the racing drivers. Many of them consider the corners at Silverstone circuit to be some of the best in Formula One, especially at the start of the race.

Over the three race days, Silverstone circuit always attracts a bigger crowd of grand prix racing fans than any other race in the f1 calendar. Because race days are always busy so it is wise to get to Silverstone as soon as possible. If you have a Grandstand seat, you can afford to arrive later but if you have to stand, the flag-mad fans tend to set up very early, particularly around the Luffield part of the circuit.

About British Grand Prix 2020:

When: Friday 10th – Sunday 12th July, 2020

Where: Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, NN12 8TN